Activities in Italy

Week in Rovigo

25 February - 4 March 2018




Week's Working Plan

Week working plan_Rovigo.pdf
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During the week in Rovigo the students have worked together and these presentations are the result of their experience

An experience together
Alejandro, Dimitris, Giorgios, Giovanni, Marco, Riccardo
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A week in Rovigo
Caterina, Helen
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An Italian week
Anna, Francisca
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Our school

Liceo Scientifico Statale "Pietro Paleocapa", a historical institute in the city of Rovigo, was born in 1923. The current building is a modern school complex which includes a library, an auditorium, 32 rooms and several laboratories (2 science labs, 2 computer  technology labs, a language laboratory).

The current 712 students are enrolled in three courses: Scientific, Technological Sciences and Sports.

All courses help students achieve the skills required for their future careers.

Some of the school subjects are common to three areas: Italian, English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, History, Philosophy, Religion, and Physical Education.

Others are specific to each course: 

Latin and Art for the Scientific Course;

Information Technologies and Art for the Applied Sciences Course;

Subjects in the area of Sports and Law for the Sports scientific course.

The faculty has been experimenting with new methodologies and techniques, based on an interactive approach to subjects which involve students more actively.

The methodological approach is based on cognitive, affective and relational aspects to favour the growth of students through a teaching process that aims for the acquisition of strategies and competences for students to learn and grow as individuals and citizens.


Many projects expand and enrich the curriculum and the range of experiences that students can have at school, both in the scientific and literary fields, always taking into account the student's centrality, problem solving, respect, sustainability, cooperation, equity, social inclusion, intercultural understanding. Each year, students may choose, from among the Institute's different suggestions, optional subjects, according to their interests.

This school promotes and encourages all initiatives which contribute to the development of forms of European citizenship, both among teachers and  students.

Indeed exchanges have been held with European partners from Belgium, Poland, Germany and France, for 20 years, with the aim of promoting European values.

The teachers involved in the project teach English, computer science and technical drawing,  have been taking part  in different projects, such as the international mobility of students and   are interested in technological innovation in teaching.

In addition, some  of them have knowledge of AutoCad 2D and 3D and experience in both curricular activities, during the morning, and optional activities, in the afternoon. This way, students can follow the courses as well as have integrative activities in the afternoon with lab classes for graphic development projects, valid for the compulsory curriculum of "Alternanza Scuola Lavoro", as well.


Also thanks to the training acquired by the teachers, the students are able to design / project with AutoCad in a realistic, creative, efficient and functional way for the elaboration of the robot.


Via A. De Gasperi, 19 - 45100 Rovigo


telefono: 0425410833

 fax: 0425410835



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